“Status Kill”


Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Producer/Writer.  It was an amazing experience making this!  Visual FX by Chris Dimino and Starring Ayinde Howell.

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This new Web comedy makes fun of our obsession with social networking sites. The main character, Denton, is obsessed with a social site called “Tweetfacester” and uses it to distract himself from the monotony of the workplace, as most of us do. The only thing is, his workplace is anything but monotonous; the guy’s a sniper. If you don’t enjoy it for the social commentary, you’re bound to dig the shoot-outs.


I had the pleasure of watching Status Kill a few weeks ago and I highly recommend that you do the same right now.  Jesse is clearly intent on continuing his streak of awesome productions.

Burnie Burns, Creator, RedvsBlue