“Drawn by Pain”


Drawn by Pain‘  is the mixed live-action/animated Webby-Award winning series, chronicling the life of a young woman searching for salvation as her animated madness fights for her sanity in the real world.   Written and Directed by Jesse Cowell.  Starring Marissa Parness and animated by Erica Langworthy.

Drawn by Pain is Excellent.  Tell all your friends about it!

IFC Lunchbox

I Recommend you take a look at Drawn by Pain.  It’s the new live action/Animated series by RT Community superstar Jeskid.  It’s some pretty cool stuff, and a hell of an idea.

Geoff Ramsey, Co-Creator, Red Vs Blue

This is a great indie wedisode that uses an animation/real action combo that is just stunning, especially considering 2 people put the whole production together!  Really cool project.

Felicia Day

Drawn by Pain has an engaging and moving story line, solid acting in most cases and quality production value…The web provides a perfect platform for taking the kinds of ricks this director has taken.

PBS.org mediashift

Cool Anime swordplay and angsty pubescent drama in the streets of New, and pretty darn good…I love that writer/director Jesse Cowell and animator Erica Langworthy just went out and made this themselves.

Tim Shey, Founder, Next New Networks