“My Father”

From the Late 1960`s to the early 1990`s, my father, Ted Cowell, roamed the streets of New York, Belfast, and Nicaragua searching for the perfect picture. His Ability to be at the right place and time was uncanny. What he got was enough to last a lifetime. I am more than proud to give you a small sample of his work. To me, there will never be anyone better.

“Once Was”

A short film I made back in 1997, regarded by many as one of my best works, and one of my personal favorites.

“Champion for Life”

These are highlights I edited together from my days as a lightweight Karate “Knockdown” fighter. When I started karate at the age of 15 after seeing the “karate Kid” one to many times, I just wanted to be good at something/anything in my life. What I got were many years of friendship, ability to focus, and lessons about life.