An exciting time to be a filmmaker

Status Kill has returned – or at least the promo has.

With the release of episode 1 coming on July 25th and every two weeks after that, it’s a bit strange. Every day since we started getting footage in, I’ve thought about uploading a shot or sequence just to get a reaction from the world, but have had to hold back. Finally, after a long crazy year, it’s right around the corner. We are almost there!

Will people like it? Did my master plan come out masterfully? Only time will tell. I think we did a great job and we still have a lot of work to do. Every frame needs to be cut exactly. The sound mixes have to be just right. The FX shots need to fit perfectly.

I really am lucky no matter how nervous this all makes me. I’ve worked with some amazing people again like Ayinde Howell, Chris Dimino and Erica Langworthy. I’ve made some great new friends and most of all – feel like I’ve grown as an artist.

I look forward to the release journey and couldn’t be more glad to have so many of you ready to share, tweet and like the work. Thank you a million times over for showing us the love. It’s an amazing thing to be on the receiving side of. Trust me when I say this – we won’t let you down.

Status Kill will rock.