Big thank you!…

…To everyone who has been leaving me amazingly kind comments all over the web. When I first started this, it seemed so hopeless and it is you guys who gave me the courage to fight on against the immovable object known as the entertainment industry. So with a slight rest – it is time to charge forward once again! I am thinking of doing several short projects, Jeskid TV, and writing some of thoughts as well through my blog, but none of these will work without feedback (so keep commenting and sharing if you like it!).

So with that said, I’d love some thoughts from you guys as to what you would like and when. As for Jeskid TV – would you like to see it once a week, twice a week, etc? How long is a good episode or do you not care as long as I dance around like an idiot :)? I want to put it on a schedule so that people know when to check for something new (hopefully you like reading my misspelled thoughts as well). As for the short films, would you like more comedy, action, or nudity (not me)? Btw no matter what you answer to the last question – I’ll make what film I think is fun and claim it was your choice :P! Do you have any other feedback to anything – it’s always welcome. What is your favorite color?

Lastly, I am thinking of putting a chat room back on this site – but want to see if it’s something you guys would enjoy before doing so. So lemme know!

Going to be a fun road forward – glad to have you guys on it.


*edit have added a chat to the site to hang out if you like*