I.O.U. (In development comedy series)
Ever hear of the hacker group Anonymous? Well, this group of misfits ain’t them! Led by Red Ed and his best bud, Cash only, the I.O.U. gives the little guy (with one too many missed student loans payments) a way to fight back. The Forest Gumps of the credit card age, the I.O.U. will fumble their way through every major crises since 2007 and somehow find a way to stay one step ahead of the man.

Drawn by Pain‘ is the mixed live-action/animated Webby-Award winning series, chronicling the life of a young woman searching for salvation as her animated madness fights for her sanity in the real world. Watch the feature version here:


Status Kill‘ tells the story of Denton Sparks, an assassin with a social media addiction.




Shades of Gray‘, a tale of epic immaturity as five guys get together to blackmail their former best friend for all the horrible, embarrassing and outright disgusting things he’s ever done to them.

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