Jeskid TV Episode 62

Jeskid TV Episode 62: “Status Kill” In this episode of Jeskid TV, I talk about where I have been for the last 4 months – working away on my new project “Status Kill” which I discuss in Jeskid random fashion. Please go and “like” the Facebook page for the new project at and check out the new hub at! Missed you guys!!!

Jeskid TV: A unique look into the ramblings of filmmaker Jesse Cowell. Ride the emotional roller coaster known as “Jeskid”. Click here to see the most recent episodes. New episodes soon!

Comments are ALWAYS appreciated!

  • Panacamanana

    I’m ready for that trailer.

    Liked the page, and I will spread the word!

    This is gonna be so awesome.


  • Taylor

    HE LIVES?!?!?!?
    cant wait to see the trailer, premise sounds awesome, :)


  • Devon

    <3 !!!


  • Damn, forgot to log in first.

    <3 !!!!!!

    So happy right now.


  • James

    Glad to hear from you again!
    Also, “Status Kill” looks very promising. :)


  • mb2000inc

    trailer, now, please


  • Good to see you back Jes,

    Did you shoot all of ‘Status Kill’ on your Canon 7D?

    Really looking forward to the trailer buddy.



  • tubathingy

    sweeeeeeet! can’t wait for the first episode! :D


  • Cheshire_Cat

    Glad to have an episode of Jeskid TV up online! Sounds like life has been quite eventful for you lately, and the new project sounds sick. Really catchy tune… I would like it please. Thanks…

    - Cat


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