Jeskid TV Episode 55

Jeskid TV Episode 55: “Motivation” Staying motivated to achieve great things is tough. What do you do to keep the engines running?

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  • Taylor Says

    Jes, you need to set your alarm clock to play either the rocky theme or dragonforce when you wake up, perfect way to motivate you to start your day

  • Luipaard Says

    Motivation is a problem for everyone, I think. Your method sounds like a good way of conquering it, and that’s the one I’m going to try. 🙂

  • Will Miller Says

    Nice episode, great message and you reminded me to pay my phone bill!

  • Evan Says

    Sometimes, motivation is hard. I like your ideas, so I think I’ll try them out. I just have no motivation to draw anymore. Now I think I’ll try to slide back into it. Thanks for getting my day started right, Jeskid!

  • Will Burles Says

    Don’t worry about the donation.

    Anything to get the momentum going eh?

  • James Says

    Thanks for the advice! Definitely worth trying out. 🙂

  • be careful with how many times you trick yourself. sooner or later you’re going to catch on… it’s going to be a battle… and you won’t be able to talk to yourself for weeks.

  • JMash Says

    What happened to coffee? Jeskid’s motivation in a cup?
    I’ve been doing the same thing with school work, laundry here, chore there. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but I’ve yet to have a falling out with myself, like Mark suggested lol

  • Luke McKay Says

    This was a great pep talk. It really did motivate me to just get moving. Start small and then just let the momentum get me going. But funny thing, one of the first small things I did to get the ball rolling was shave, because I haven’t shaved in over a week. And then the irony hit me.. Jeskid motivated me to shave. Funny old world, ain’t it?

  • Icarus Says

    Great episode! Everybody needs to find something that motivates them. Little things add up and get the ball rolling!

  • Kevin (weirddude) Says

    Just need to keep your mind occupied and stay active until you think of your next great thing. Looking forward to Jeskid TV or just Jeschat is enough to keep me going even if you don’t have your next big project rolling. Whatever you come out with your fans and friends will always be here to back you on it, good and bad. We all know Jeskid is not one to give in and so we won’t give up on you. That is my motivaton.

  • ronji Says

    i appreciate your honesty and persistence, jes.

    “and that gives me strength. we give each other strength.”

  • tamari Says

    Another inspirational talk. I like it…I’m gonna do my dishes now. Its one of those small things.

    thanks Jess

  • It would be so much easier to finish the boring things if life weren’t so entertaining.

  • Can I take your motivational class? lol.

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