Jeskid TV Episode 52

Jeskid TV Episode 52: “The Internet is real” I go on a mission to discover if the Internet is real! I also get to visit my favorite camera store and see why I make girls vomit. Being Jeskid ain’t easy!

Jeskid TV: A unique look into the ramblings of filmmaker Jesse Cowell. Ride the emotional roller coaster known as “Jeskid”. Click here to see the most recent episodes. New Episode every Tuesday and Friday!

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  • For lights you can’t afford – yet still want them – have a look at this:

    Jeskid Reply:

    This looks amazing. I should team up with someone to make these. I am very clumsy when it comes to building. Thx for the linky!

  • also, this guy did it and it rocks…

  • Panacamanana

    Great episode again!

    Love the ego monster.

    And I believe the reason Blawndee vomited as soon as she saw you was because her body felt dirty and needed to cleanse itself to be near you.

    Jeskid Reply:

    The ego monster will eat your brain :P

  • Ok, last one… I promise…
    I think I need to make a trip to NY

  • Luke McKay

    That Empire State building looked cool. We should go there.

    Jeskid Reply:

    It’s expensive to get up to the top. I haven’t done it in years. If you ever come – we’ll blow the cash and do it!

  • Dude, that was pretty much the worst T.G.I. Friday’s ever.

    Jeskid Reply:

    For serious it was SH*T!

  • BluValkyrie

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    yeah, I hug a lot, but you knew that already.

    I think the difference between my online personality and my real-life personality is my online personality is louder, but I don’t know.

    Jeskid Reply:

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  • JMash

    You do realize you’re completely insane, right?
    Love yeh Jes! Funny episode, so don’t commit suicide and keep ‘em coming!

    Jeskid Reply:

    I am not insane – just *special*

  • Damn I really want one of these and the only place I can find them is from B&H Photo… Been trying to find someone to give the money to send it over here to the UK. Anyone up for it? Maybe THE INTERNET will come through for me! :P

    Another crazy vid. :P Blegh!

    Jeskid Reply:

    The internet refuses to be mailed :)

    It is claustrophobic.

  • I can’t believe I missed you in NYC

    Jeskid Reply:

    Yeah dood – next time for sure!

  • Luipaard

    Nice episode!

    Jeskid Reply:

    Thx Lui!!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Michalev

    I proudly stalk Jeskid hehe :D

    Jeskid Reply:

    LOL – it’s coffee time!

  • Cheshire_Cat

    absolutely crazy episode today.. but crazy awesome.

    Very interesting look at internet personalities versus real life.. I am shyer IRL and swear less (so like almost never), but otherwise, I think I am mostly the same. Not a good enough actor to give myself a different personality

    Jeskid Reply:

    You are awesome on web and in RL.

  • BrandonK

    Wow. Barbs friend don’t like Jesse action apparently.
    What’s wrong with that hoe ? lol jk
    But seriously that’s kinda mean. That look. Though I won’t lie I have given that look before to my friends when I see someone I think isn’t attractive. Which is wrong and kinda selfish in the fact you really don’t know that person and whats on the inside is what counts.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Ah they were cool and played into it. I’m sure I encouraged it, but that look sure seemed real – WTF! Hehe

  • MurryBob

    Meeting people from the interwebs is great.

    Jeskid Reply:

    It is the best man. I am so happy I have a chance to meet like minded awesome peeps!

  • the_koby

    Jesse, you’re crazy man! Love your stuff, keep it coming. I’ve plugged you in every video blog I’ve done recently because you’re such an inspiration.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Thx Koby as always dood. Link me to one of your journals dood – love to see it.

  • Oh sweet! Thanks for all the great insurance links…