Jeskid TV – Episode 51

Jeskid TV Episode 51: “Identity” I talk about what it is to identify with something and bury someone very near to me. What/who do you identify yourself with?

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  • Very good episode Jes. Good thoughts and a good message. One to remember.

  • Interesting thoughts sir. You’re right…I think we all need to define who we are, or at least take a stance.

    Jeskid Reply:

    I think we just need to be aware of it at the very least and be open to change when needed for us and others :)

  • Taylor

    I have the exact some BT headset.
    Good ep

    Jeskid Reply:

    Yeah what a bummer huh!

  • InuYashaKing

    RIP Bluetooth headset…Damn piece of shit! LOL Nice one, Jes. Loved how you just started stomping on it lol.

    Great bit on how we identify ourselves too. I found that to be rather interesting.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Glad you enjoyed it Inu – I always worry about being smarter and less comical. Always nice to know people aren’t turned off by it.

  • Nice episode Jes. Shame that my internet is rubbish so I had to keep stopping it letting it load before watching another minute over and over. :P

    I have blogged about your return. Apologies for any mistakes I have made in the post. Going off what I can remember of the past.

    Keep ‘em coming.


    Jeskid Reply:

    Blog looks great man as does your site!

  • JMash

    This has always been a topic that fascinates me. It’s interesting how difficult one may find gaining true understanding or tolerance for another culture, or other identities. Particularly fascinating is this day in age, with the internet granting endless data on all cultures, all viewpoints, yet some still can’t make an effort to rise from ignorance and gain that sense of being a “person of the world” as you mentioned.

    I could rant forever on this, from racism to the evils of nationalism, but you get the point. People need learn to gain understanding before placing judgment. I agree, identity is important for understanding tolerance, and kudos for the speech.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Thanks man and couldn’t agree more!

  • BrandonK

    That was a very insightful episode. Everyone should be treated with respect. Also patience plays into this subject of identity a lot. Experiencing and understanding what other people go through as different to your own life sometimes takes people a long while. Always have to have a head set to learn from whatever happens to you in life and then in turn use that knowledge to better yourself and not tear down other people just because they are different in your eyes.

    Thank you sir.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Thanks bud – sadly these are lessons many will ignore and we shall all be the worse of for it.

  • Ben (aka wiseguy64)

    Awesome episode man.
    Favorite one i’ve seen so far

    Jeskid Reply:

    Thanks Ben – glad you enjoyed!

  • Great. Just great. I come to the internet for what I hope will be some mindless entertainment and instead I find myself unwittingly arguing with my own psyche over the pros and cons of self-identifying labels. This is not how I wanted to spend my Saturday night.

    I have discovered that my identity has changed drastically depending on the events of my life. I was an artist, a nerd, a socialist, a missionary, a neo-con, a husband, a father. Most of these stages were beneficial to me. Some, although instructional and developmental to my overall self, became detrimental. Luckily, I have been led to a similar conclusion as you, although I see the outcome through a religious tint. Evey man is my brother and, therefore, my family, deserving of my respect despite the labels with which he or I choose to identify. Thanks for helping me realize again that I need to recognize this fact more in my day-to-day life.

    Jeskid Reply:

    Yeah sorry bout that man. I’ll stick to toys in the future :P

    Seriously though – I’m glad you took something from it and for sure it is a daily process that I deal with myself :)

  • Who am I???? I’m BATMAN!
    (never mind)

    I refuse to identify myself… No matter what I say or do, people will identify me as how they see me.

  • As all living beings desire to be happy always, without misery, as in the case of everyone there is observed supreme love for one’s self, and as happiness alone is the cause for the love, in order to gain that happiness which is one’s nature and which is experienced in the state of deep sleep where there is no mind, one should know one’s self. For that, the path of knowledge, the inquiry of the form “Who am I?”, is the principal means.

    I love it when this comes up in a conversation! Nicely done Jes, I use to have that headset but it stopped charging… Anyways, as always I like the outside shots very nice. Sorry to hear your car was frozen bro. Funnny stuff!

  • As you bury it in snow…for the last time? Is this not also the first time you buried your bluetooth headset in snow?

    Amusingly I did the exact same thing with my $150 Plantronics headset outside a McDonalds in Cambria, CA. Mercifully I realized I’d lost it and got back to reclaim it before anyone drove over it or stepped on it. Sorry to hear you didn’t have as much luck.

    As for my identity, I consider myself a carbon-based life form. All other forms of life can SUCK IT!!!